Korporate Culture is the work of an Artist who spent many years in the Korporate world.  Art was his salvation.

At Korporate Culture we want to show you behind the scenes in the Korporate World.  The images are woodcut prints. These woodcuts reflect Korporate worldly experiences on Wall Street and in other Major Korporations. There are hundreds of these images beyond what is shown in this site.  The Woodcuts from this site are available for purchase at the store - "Our Products".  Korporate Culture can also create imagery for you or your business and can participate in events, exhibitions or as a visiting Artist.  


What is a Woodcut?  Woodcuts have been made for centuries. The Western style of Woodcuts start with a flat block of wood that is carved on the surface. What is created after the carving is inked up and run through a printing press is a woodcut print. The paper used is often Asian Rice Paper or Western Rives BFK paper but some prints use colored papers as well. Multiple prints can be made from the same block either as individual proofs or in an edition of multiple “identical” prints.  Different types of woods (Mahogany, Poplar, Cedar, Ply) are used and create different effects. Color Woodcut prints are made with more than one block and run through the press with attention to registration. A Master Printer prints and supervises the process. 


What about the Artist?  The artist who is based in the New York  area spent many years studying art (Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture) in school and independently prior to working at two companies on Wall Street, and then for a long time in another large company. After work, weekends or during vacations he would work on his drawings and prints whenever he could.  He derives his subject matter from a combination of work and life experience and an investigation of art from many different cultures. This involves travel, drawing and research.  


Where has this Artist exhibited?  Many of the Woodcuts have been shown in galleries, universities, museums and group shows. Some of the work is owned by Museums and Libraries and Private Collections including: Library of Congress, Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University, New York Public Library, Newark Public Library. This is the first Internet exhibition of the work.  


Why Korporate Culture? Because this is the world around us and we need to take a better look at it.


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I wish my desk would catch fire  - Color Woodcut

I wish my desk would catch fire - Color Woodcut


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